Drum Backing Tracks – Download Drum Beats

Biggest collection of quality drum tracks.

We record drum tracks with the greatest dedication to offer the highest sound quality, offering the possibility of muti-track downloads, full mix and 16 or 24 bits.

Standard Rhythm Drum Backing Tracks

Stable simple straight drum groove that fits into vast majority of pop – rock styles.

Shuffle Drum Backing Tracks

Stable triple subdivision grooves and swinging rhythms.

Rock Funk Syncopated Drum Backing Tracks

Syncopating Rock grooves  in the line of 90s rock, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Half Time Simple Beat Drum Backing Tracks

Straight stable rhythms with backbeat on beat three.

Half Time Shuffle Drum Beats

Half time swinging drum rhythm.

Backing Tracks for Guitarists

All these drum backing tracks are optimized for guitarists, to use in their mixes, with multitrack and 16 or 24 bits full mix.

Trap Drum Beats

We also are including new electronic beats. Trap Drum Beat