Trap Music

What is trap music ?

Trap is a style of urban music that was born in the nineties, whose essence of its lyrics is represented in a grotesque way, with colloquial street language, referring almost always to drugs and violence. In addition this tinged with a color of feeling and youthful experience.
It is important to note that the word Trap means an area or places where the sale of drugs takes place. The genre trap is a style of hip-hop that was born from the bases of southern rap in the nineties.
Recognizing a trap track, is actually something quite simple, it is characterized by a rather peculiar rhythm, which consists of: stuttering drums, charles, 808 (programmable drum machine) and lots of synthesizers. If you want to know more about the trap I invite you to continue reading this interesting article

Trap Drum Tracks

Who invented TRAP Music ?

Although it has no specific origin, it is believed that its first beginnings were thanks to the artists Young Jeezy and TI The ATLiens in the nineties, where it was very common to hear this kind of music in the poorest neighborhoods of Atlanta USA.
The popularity of the Trap came by adding as a fixed element, the sound so sticky and characteristic that makes up this genre. By then, TI had released his second album, which he named Trap Muzik.
With its release, Jeezy showed that the trap had great potential, despite its rough lyrical content, its songs were widely played on major radio stations in the Third Coast and beyond.

Shorty in Trap

Trap is a music style that refers to the daily lives of young people in the street, drugs, violence, weapons, sex and women. Women play an important role in the lyrics of the exponents of this musical genre.
The woman is an important figure, because the word shorty is used to refer to a lady being pretty, or also to say that a woman has a very provocative body part. In other words, shorty in trap is the word used to compliment a woman by referring to her silhouette when she is voluptuous.

Picheo in Trap

The word pichear means to overlook (ignore) a person or situation. This word comes from Puerto Rico and is often used in the urban genre. Normally the lyrics of these songs carry a theme of betrayal and discontent because one of the parties was ignored or rejected by another.
On the other hand, this word is also used to tell a person to forget it or leave it at that. It is worth mentioning that this word was used and included for the first time in 2019 by the Chilean singer Paloma Mommy in her song “No Te Enamores”.
Bad Bunny was another singer who promoted a video called “Yo Perreo Sola”, this song refers to a girl who used to pick on him (ignore him) some time later, the girl if she wants something, but he is the one who now picks on her (ignores her).

Who created the LATIN TRAP ?

The Latin trap originated in Puerto Rico, thanks to diverse influences like reggaeton and southern rap, making it what it is today. In 2007, the song “El Pistolón” or “Pistoler” in English by Arcángel & De La Ghetto marks the beginning of trap in Latin America, this according to the artist of trap Ozuna in an interview of the Billboard awards.

Like the origins of the first rap song called Rapper’s Delight by The Sugar Hill Gang, the song “El Pistolón” was the beginning of a new wave of music, a wave that many of the listeners were not prepared for, mainly because of the explicit and uncensored verses that make up this genre.
It is important to note that “Messiah the Artist” is who many Latin Trap artists consider the pioneer of what began as Latin Trap music in New York City. On the other hand, Latin Trap has a similar sound to the current trap in the South, with the small difference that it has more vulgar and explicit lyrics.

Trap Singers


Drake is a Canadian trap singer, songwriter and record producer. Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding things about this artist is his ability to compose songs, as they are able to position themselves in the top nuro one of the most listened songs.

Post Malone

Post Malone is a trap singer who achieved success with his single called White Iverson where he got his first contract and since then has become one of the best exponents of trap music. Some of his best songs so far are: Goodbyes, Congratulations, Rockstar and Wow.

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert is one of the best known trap singers in his native United States, who achieved fame thanks to a song called money longer.

Travis scott

Travis Scott is an artist who mainly sang hi-hop songs. Some time later, Travis decides to venture into a trip to New York where he recorded and was heard by Webter, who later supported him in the release of his first single in trap, making his entire musical career grow unstoppably until today.

Latin Trap Singers

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is a Latin trap singer who, to tell the truth, has a unique style, since he started out he has not stopped growing and growing in the music industry.

Anuel AA

Anuel AA is a Puerto Rican artist who gained popularity in his native Puerto Rico in the year 2014 and in 2015 his music reaches the United States. Thanks to the composition of the song called Nacimos Pa’ Morir that he sang as a duo with Jory Boy, he managed to gain great popularity, thus becoming one of the best trap singers.


Duki is an Argentinean trap singer, who with his style of music imposes a free style that allows him to be unique by adopting his own character. He performs a combination of the well-known hip-hop with fast rhythms and trap tones.

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